Marketplace Mondays: airfare and houses

Two diversions from the regular crafty content of my blog.

First, WOW has airfare soared recently. The trip I’m taking this summer that I haven’t bought tickets for yet? $70 more today than last week. Darn world turmoil affecting my vacation plans.

All the different aggregator sites come up with the same prices. There may be as many as five of us flying together. Anyone have any secret tips for random airfare savings? (BWI to SEA, round trip, if it makes a difference.)

Regarding houses: this is more of a heads up. I have decided that I must buy a house. Now. I need rooms to decorate and a craft room that isn’t just a cluttered corner of my bedroom, and I want a garden. Cause you know, I do such a great job at just washing dishes in my rented apartment. Clearly I need more space and more responsibility.

Anyway, in a sort of convoluted way, in order to buy a house, I need a new job. So I am going to dedicate my extra time to job hunting for a while… if I don’t post regularly, you’ll know why.

And if you have any leads on part-time jobs that I can do from home and earn $80K a year… 😉


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One Response to Marketplace Mondays: airfare and houses

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    I will miss you. Good luck with the job and then house hunting. I have a great craft room that my husband fixed up with shelves, tables, bins, hooks, and it is so great. Now I mess all I want and walk out and shut the door! And remember knitting is a great stress reliever.

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