And you thought I was going to take a break from blogging…

Thought? Hoped?

I applied for three jobs today (one cover letter, three jobs, pretty good if you ask me), one of which would involve working for someone I know professionally already. Hoping that is a point in my favor, and not the other way around!

I’d actually like your opinion on something (Nancy? Joshua? T? I think you’re the only ones who read here) — I was thinking of making a clock using playing cards for the numbers. Would it make more sense to use ace through 10 and then 2 of the face cards (probably Q and K, skip the J) or to use ace through 9 and then all 3 face cards?


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7 Responses to And you thought I was going to take a break from blogging…

  1. Tiruba Tuba says:

    I think it would make more sense if you used all: Jack, Queen & King.

  2. I would try the two versions out to see which one you like better. Be sure to post a pic when done!

  3. I agree with Tiruba Tuba, you should use all 4. But more than that, I think you should use ONLY 4. Ace at noon, Jack at 3, Queen at 6, and King at 9.

    Oh, and I just had another idea! Maybe have the rest of the cards fanned out in a circle beneath the face/ace cards, except they are face down! So you’d have have a ring of card backs, and then the high cards at each “compass point”.

    • rebkatz says:

      J, both good suggestions! My initial thought to use all of the numbers was because “wow, a deck of cards has numbers, wouldn’t that be cool for a clock” (okay, it was actually–wouldn’t it be cool to use ONE card among 11 other number formats for a clock and went from there)–I’m not good at editing šŸ™‚ It always turns out that my “brilliant” idea that started the train moving gets deleted from the finished product!

      The only-compass-points suggestion also reminds me of a conversation I had with my foster daughter’s niece, age 5. She was visiting and was in the kitchen with me, where I have a clock that has NO numbers. She looked at it and asked me what it was. I said cheerfully, “It’s a clock that I made.” She gave me this confused look and said, “It doesn’t LOOK like a clock!” Kids in the home–numbers are good šŸ™‚

      • Haha! Well, I guess that means my idea doesn’t look like a clock, either, eh? Well, I can’t seem to decide in my mind which card should get kicked out… Of course, you could always get a Skip Bo deck!

  4. Nancy Craig says:

    I sat down and tried to draw a clock 3 ways given. And for symetery (Huh! sp) and eye pleasing, I liked the ace and face card at 12-3-6-9 and numbers inbetween. This sounds like a fun project. Be sure to post a pic when done. And good luck with the job hunt.

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