Tchotchke Tuesday: Fabric flowers

I went shopping on Sunday. I had a job interview yesterday (not sure how it went; I definitely have a habit of focusing on the negative…and for me “there are other applicants” is enough of a negative for me to just assume that I won’t get the job) and I bought all of my suits 25 or 30 pounds ago. Wow that’s painful to admit.

Anyway, I tried to be very focused while at the mall, but did manage to get just distracted enough to discover that fabric flowers and rosettes and the like are not just frequent fixtures on all of the crafty blogs I read, but they are IN. Like, on factory-made clothes in. This is really a disaster.

Because with all my love to you fabulous crafty-bloggers out there, I think fabric flowers are terrible. So you won’t see any tutorials for them here. And I won’t be making them on Tuesdays or any other day.


(P.S. If you are looking for tutorials, check out this post from Skip to My Lou; not all of these are terrible.)

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3 Responses to Tchotchke Tuesday: Fabric flowers

  1. Death to fabric flowers! Sometimes they look ok (I’m not against the felt flowers in the link), but generally not.

    I’ll cross my fingers for your interview!!

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