Things to make Thursdays: Waiting for Paint to Dry

Waiting for paint to dry, not watching it. So not boring!

I can’t tell you quite yet just what it is that I’m making that inspired the purchase of paint at my favorite bix bog craft store–I’m spending Shabbat at the home of friends and what I’m making is a baby present for them. And just in case V reads this, well, I shouldn’t give away the surprise!

I will tell you this, though: the materials are 6 wood blocks, 6 clothespins, and 6 specific embellishments, along with paint and wood glue. Now, if you were making this present for someone whose name is Antonia Francheska (my favorite name on my family tree), you would need 17 wood blocks, 17 clothespins, and 17 specific embellishments.  You also could use an old set of alphabet blocks; I only have a new, unused set of alphabet blocks and didn’t want to break into them for a craft project.

Being without an appropriate level of foresight, I also have not been taking pictures throughout the process of making this gift.

I will take a picture when I finish, and post later including a link to the project that inspired me.

And now, back to the paint.

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2 Responses to Things to make Thursdays: Waiting for Paint to Dry

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    OK, what on earth can this be? Anxiously awaiting pictures. It sounds original. Oh, hope the job hunt is going well and you start work this Mon.

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