When I need a break from work, I have taken to perusing the DIY and Crafts tags on tumblr. (Not to mention all of the crafty blogs in my google reader.) And this has caused me to have an ever-growing list of all the things.

A lot of all the things are whole house kind of projects. Like I want to re-do a kitchen with dark gray cabinets and a yellow tiled backsplash.

But I don’t have a house. I could buy a house, if I found a new job. (I haven’t heard anything from that interview last week.) I spent a weekend in the neighborhood where I will buy, if I buy, and it’s a really sweet neighborhood. All the houses were built in the 50s-ish, all ranchers. Lots of friends who live there already. A synagogue that is big but that has room to breathe and an appropriate sized coat room. Quiet. Affordable.

Still… this morning as I walked to the metro (which isn’t do-able from this neighborhood), I passed beautiful old buildings, blooming magnolias, embassies. The city really is amazing. Why would I want to leave it?

That’s not the only problem with wanting to make all the things. My style (though you’d never know it from the clutter in my life) is pretty modern, clean lines, geometrics. But what are all the things I want to make? A wall made of wood from scrap pallets. A reading nook from scrap pallets. (I need to find this link, I think it’s on ashleyannphotography.) A pegboard wall in my kitchen. A book wall (I guess this one could fall into the modern category). Undershelf jar storage. Quilts. (Though quilts can be made in the modern-looking vein.)

Is it any wonder that I feel conflicted?


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1 Response to Conflicts

  1. Andrea T. says:

    Hi! First, thanks for stopping by my Blog and actually leaving a comment. AWESOME. Second, and much more important, I’m sure… I’m glad that I’m not the only person who is conflicted between my love of clean modern lines and and crafty things. I usually find really neat ideas using StumbleUpon and Pinterest. But maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. You might just find more project ideas… and if you’re anything like me, you already have a ton of things you want to do and don’t have the time, supplies or space for. Either way… I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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