Day 7: Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Day seven: 3rd April. Your knitting and crochet time.

Write about your typical crafting time. When it is that you are likely to craft – alone or in more social environments, when watching TV or whilst taking bus journeys. What items do you like to surround yourself with whilst you twirl your hook like a majorette’s baton or work those needles like a skilled set of samurai swords. Do you always have snacks to hand, or are you a strictly ‘no crumbs near my yarn!’ kind of knitter.

Tips: Last year we had a topic asking about the actual location of where you knit or craft, this is similar but not the same. Try and concentrate on all of the little aspects that make up your knitting time. Maybe you always head for for your Flaming Lips CD when taking on simple knitting but prefer a bit of Brahms when tackling more intricate work, or maybe you enjoy knitting with audiobooks or complete silence. Perhaps your crochet time is never complete without a cuddle from Tiddles the cat.

I knit in the living room while watching TV.

I knit, when I can get away, on Tuesday and Thursday at Looped Yarn Works. Love them!

I knit, when I can get away, on Sundays at The Yarn Spot. Love them even more. Plus I can have chili and fries when I go there.

I knit on the subway, or the bus, and when the weather is warm enough, while walking to or from the subway. I have not yet tried knitting while walking the entire way to work. It is 3 miles and might be worth trying.

I knit while waiting for my therapist. I always put my knitting away when she calls me back to her office; I wonder if I could knit during my appointments.

I’ve tried knitting in bed but that didn’t work too well for me.

And that, my friends, is all. I hope you enjoyed this structured little interlude among the chaos that is my blog.

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2 Responses to Day 7: Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    Weather permitting, I knit on my front porch. Also in LR in my recliner. Sometimes with TV on and sometimes with audio book running (I am partial to mysteries). Always in waiting rooms. During any business meeting I have to sit thru. And any time of the day I can get to it. Now for scrapbooking, I have a craft room I work in, and usually in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Seems the older I get, the less sleep I need. Take care.

  2. Fiber Perambulationists Unite!

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