No knitting, failed sewing, styrofoam

No knitting: I’ve been carrying around my summer-y sweater all week at the bottom of my bag and not working on it. The bag I’m making for my sister, that I’m about 2 inches into, is just sitting in a bag next to my bed. I suppose I could get more done if I knit instead of putting together shelves, but I think I’ve mentioned in this space before that shelves are the answer to all of life’s problems. So I spent the last three nights assembling furniture.

The part of the last few nights that I didn’t spend assembling furniture, I was attempting to upcycle an old t-shirt. I was inspired by this, but the main problem with my t-shirts is that they are too short. So I found some coordinating (I thought) fabric, sliced my shirt in half, sliced another inch out of the shirt (to use the fabric to cover some buttons, my coordinating fabric being woven and therefore not stretchy), cut my fabric being careful to make sure that I cut two panels from the same part of the pattern, pinned, realized I’d pinned a right side to a wrong side, unpinned, repinned, sewed, ripped (because the knit got bunched up in a few places), repinned, resewed (all this just on the front side), tried on the top half of the shirt, and discovered that I had cut the shirt too close to the arm and the fabric insert hit too high. I’m sure I can figure out something else to do with it.

In assembling my furniture, I have ended up with some various sized rectangles of styrofoam. I am absolutely sure that they can be turned into something useful. Any ideas/inspiration?


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2 Responses to No knitting, failed sewing, styrofoam

  1. Hmm. I know there are times when I’ve wished for styrofoam, but it never happens to be when I actually do.

    Maybe for a custom-cut cushion for shipping or storing a unique fragile item? Rings to get that smaller bottle to fit snugly into the car cupholder? I can’t think of anything less lame!

  2. Nancy Craig says:

    Your t-shirt adventure was hilarious! Are you going to try again? Good luck. I do admire your “stick-to-it” attitude.

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