New bag!

I should go to the trash room more often because I got an amazing bag on Friday. I looked it over and the reason it was in the trash is that three of the feet (not sure if that’s really what they’re called) are broken, and there are exposed screws. I’m not sure exactly how to fix them, but I’ll check it out on google.

Here’s the cool thing about the bag: the base is a little suitcase. Flat, hard sides, zips all around. And on top is like a bowling bag in shape. (I know, I know…I could just take a picture!)

The next step is going to buy some primer and paint for vinyl, turn the whole thing tan, and then stencil some embellishment (perhaps a monogram) in purple. And maybe even add some bling, even though I’m not such a bling-y girl.

All to be done before my family vacation in June.

Wish me luck!

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