So much to do!

It has been holiday for the past 2 days so I have been away from the computer, away from the phone, away from pen and paper, and away from crafting. However my brain was still on rapid-fire, so I’m just using this space to record my top-priority projects for the next two months:

1. Knitting a bag for my sister. I know I’ve mentioned this a few times already. My plan is to make it like a tote bag from Lands End or the like, with a duck cloth base and then the knit piece forming the sides. I’m knitting horizontal stripes, and will then turn the fabric 90 degrees so the stripes are vertical. And the “wrong” side will be out, because I like the overlap of colors on the reverse stockinette side.

2. The super cool bag that I rescued from the trash room the other day.

3. A backpack. While 1 and 2 need to be done in time for our family vacation (my sister’s bag because that is when I am going to see her, and the bag from the trash room to impress my family), the backpack doesn’t really need to be done by then. I have a “real” backpack that will be perfect to use on the trip, but I think that something handmade will just be more fun. Also, I’d like to have a more “professional” (ha!) looking backpack for walking to work, so it seems like I could kill two birds with one stone.

On another note, I might have another job interview tomorrow. This one would just be a gatekeeper interview (I’ve gone through the gatekeeper process twice for other jobs, it’s more annoying than anything else) but I got the call yesterday (see above: holiday, away from phone) so will call in the morning to see if they still have the time slot for me.

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One Response to So much to do!

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    Wishing you a good interview and a job offer.

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