More on my 35 by 35 project

I. Love. GoogleDocs. I’ve created a non-powerpoint for my 35 by 35 project so I have it wherever I go (though I can’t figure out if it is possible to edit it on my phone) and it is easier to keep track of how many categories I’ve created.

I would share it with you (and even let you add things!) but I didn’t set it up to protect the privacy of my foster daughter. I may switch that up if I find that I really need help.

I hereby assert that even though the list isn’t complete, I can start marking things as done. I also hereby assert that it is really difficult to come up with 35 different categories of things to do, so I can do things like separate the “exercise” category into “walking” and “bicycling” where, for example, the 35 items within the bicycling category are “bike to work 35 times.”

Now: one of my categories is “movies.” As in, watch those classic movies (or not-so-classic) that I haven’t seen. Things like “Dial M for Murder” and “Gone with the Wind” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” I’m taking suggestions.

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One Response to More on my 35 by 35 project

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    I love Movies. Esp the “oldies”. “Mildred Pierce”, “Stella Dallas” are 2 of my favorites. And for laughing til an asthma attack comes on “Rat Race”. Keep us posted on what you are seeing and how you like it. Knitting and movies just seem to go together.

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