Wednesday Woolens: the what was I thinking sweater

Right. Content related to, you know, knitting. I do that. You probably don’t remember the what-was-I-thinking sweater. It is a light fingering weight yarn. For an entire shirt-sized garment. Short sleeves, but still.

I’ve been working on it forever. (Not quite. I bought the yarn at last year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and set the project aside when it became clear I wasn’t finishing it in time to wear before winter.)

I’m making pretty good progress on it but 1. I’m at the point where I need to do some measuring and 2. I’m at the point where I don’t understand the directions, so I’m setting it aside yet again. This time only until I can take it to where other people are who can help me figure out what I’m doing. (It’s just a question of whether to bind off or leave my stitches on a holder–it doesn’t say either way–and I could undoubtedly figure it out myself if I just read further in the directions.)

Next up: frogging a lace scarf I started and finding a better pattern for the yarn. (And a better pattern for commuting. Like, one with only 2 or 4 rows per pattern repeat. The one I chose long ago has 10 rows. Not good for on the bus.)

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1 Response to Wednesday Woolens: the what was I thinking sweater

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    Glad to hear about your knitting experiences. I always like to compare others experiences with my own. Seems about the same a lot of the time. Just goes to show as much as we are different, we are the same. (Don’t know who first quoted that–wasn’t me.)

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