Well, that didn’t last long

Do you remember that plan I had last night to frog the lace scarf I had started and to try again with an easier pattern for commuting purposes?

Yeah. That.

It didn’t last long.

Instead, I started this. The pattern has lots of different pieces but I’ve discovered that it isn’t too hard to follow (as long as one can count to six, which I found difficult on the bus this morning due to my crazy bus driver’s pronouncements) and it is really fun. When placed in contrast with the slow going stockinette of the what-was-I-thinking sweater, it’s rewarding to watch it take shape. And the pattern is much better for the variegated yarn I’m using than the original pattern I had chosen (also a Knitty pattern!). Plus, I found my missing size 8 KnitPicks circulars.

I’ve also come to accept that my brilliant 35 by 35 plan is completely unrealistic and I’m scaling down to: finish 35 things that have been on my to-do list for a long time, and complete 35 projects. Since some of the projects will be small, I think that’s more do-able.

And now, back to my fun knitting!

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