Playing with my new Silhouette. I am clearly too stupid to use it, as it took me three tries to put the paper on the carrier mat (don’t ask) and in those plus one more try, I didn’t get the whole sheet to feed and cut correctly.

I did get an R and a G, however, which I needed for the baby blankets I’m making, and it isn’t the end of the world that I didn’t get two different Rs. If Ryan’s parents and Raya’s parents compare, well, can they really complain? I don’t think so.

But you want to know what’s up with apples.

I’ll tell you.

I want to buy an apple image from the Silhouette store (yay Rosh Hashanah in only five months). But there are too many choices! Do I want an apple with a stem? With a stem and a leaf? With a bite taken out of it? Exterior or interior? Did I ever tell you that the less consequential the decision, the harder time I have?

Thank goodness each download is only a dollar!

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