Knittle Things

Works in progress:

  • Socks with this:

Unknown date: I’m about 10 rows past the toes.  I’m using the numbers from a more complicated pattern, but am doing a simple slip stitch rib (k3, sl1, repeat) in order to have some interest in the knitting process while allowing the colors to shine through.

April 22, 2010: These have been sitting as I have elevated the tunic dress below to commuting knitting in an effort to finish it already.  I’m further, but still not to the heel.  Slowly, slowly…

  • Afghan for JG, son of LKG and AG (no pattern).  Using yarn gifted to me by LKG.  April 22, 2010: I haven’t made any progress, but it turns out that this afghan is going to be a big brother present! I have until September to finish it.
  • Afghan for a future foster child, using daisy stitch
  • Log cabin-style rug (for my foyer). April 22, 2010: I made the decision about a week ago to frog this. I really did a poor job picking up stitches throughout, and it just isn’t what I’m looking for.  In order to give the rug some depth, I think I’m going to knit strips and then weave the strips together.
  • Tunic dress for the current little one (link to Ravelry site).  I’m just about done with the first side. (Six days of knitting!)

April 22, 2010: The front and back are both done. The sleeves were almost done until I ran out of pink.  I had already started the sleeves with a purple border in order to make the pink last longer, so in honor of ordering another skein of pink, I frogged the sleeves.  I was seriously about 7 rows away from being done.  And now I’m not.

  • April 22, 2010: A really cool chain looking scarf.  I shouldn’t have started it but was too excited.  It has now sit for a few weeks because my ADHD knitting brain moved on to other things.
  • A sage colored linen/cotton blend tank top (Scarlet Woman, I think it’s called?) with a beautiful diagonal ribbing from the waist to the bust.  I’m only a few rows past the end of the ribbing on the first side (April 22, 2010).

I have the yarn for:

  • A brown Perfect Fit Skirt (link to Ravelry), with a panel of deep red at the bottom hem.  The red panel will have some fun stitch pattern, perhaps something (gasp!) cabled.

yarn for brown and deep red skirt

  • A Gym Slip Dress (link to Ravelry).  I have been desperate to make this since I first saw the pattern.

yarn for gym slip dress

  • A sweater, pattern undecided.  I absolutely adore Knitty‘s Spoke, but don’t think it’s the right pattern for my yarn.

  • Bags for mishloach manot for next Purim.  I think this will be a good use for my vast quantities of acrylic.  Especially the acrylic that I bought for almost this very purpose.
  • Kid size socks for the little one, using the yarn from CZ.  Or I could return the yarn to her.
  • One more pair of socks.  I have a really soft dark brown.

Also on my to-knit list:

  • Yellow curtains for the kid room.
  • Purple and brown curtains for my bedroom.
  • Curtains for living room (color undecided)
  • Curtains for office/pantry (color undecided)

Finished objects 2010 (pictures to come):

  • Heartbreakingly cute baby kimono for my boss’ soon-to-be baby.

Finished objects 2009 (pictures to come):

  • Poncho
  • Numerous wine bags
  • Afghan for my first foster child

3 Responses to Knittle Things

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  3. Tiruba Tuba says:

    Love your stuff! I wish I could knit 🙂 The stitches are so beautiful.

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