Sunday Sewing: Bar Hopping Scarf

Now, I’m by no means a tee-totaler, but the fact that I made something that I call a bar hopping scarf is among the more uncharacteristic things I’ve done. (Hitchhiking is the MOST uncharacteristic thing I’ve ever done. And don’t worry, I will NEVER do it again.)

One of my favorite friends who lives in my computer was celebrating an anniversary of her 21st birthday, so I needed to make her an appropriate present. The first thing that came to me was a fabric scarf; I was feeling somewhat inspired by this and other tutorials like it, but thinking I’d use velvet (oooh, soft) for one side and a patchwork of purples (my friend’s favorite color. and mine) for the other.

And then it hit me. Add pockets for cell phone, keys, and ID/money.

Thus was born the bar hopping scarf, stylish and practical.

The execution was a bit flawed. My seams were nowhere near straight, I could have made the pockets better, I could have closed up the bottom by hand instead of just topstitching it, I could have used velvet on both sides. Next time.

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7 Responses to Sunday Sewing: Bar Hopping Scarf

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    You may have come up with a marketable (sp?) idea. Let’s think about this for a bit. Maybe knit/felted. I also see waist sashes with pockets. And I have seen socks with small change pockets. Not being sarcastic–I am going to try this for some gifts for some runners I know. Enjoy your blogs.

    • rebkatz says:

      Hi Nancy,
      I actually thought about the notion that this could be marketable! Not with my sloppy sewing, though. Well, someone else could market them. But give me credit, okay Universe?

  2. Nancy Craig says:

    And what about the project with 6 blocks, 6 clothespins and so on. Are you done? Really want to know what it is.

  3. SW24/7 says:

    I LOOOOVVVEEE my scarf! It was freezing today and I was running a bunch of errands – I just stuck my phone and my debit card in the pockets and left my purse at home! I’m going to miss it when it finally warms up around here! Thank you again, dear friend!!

    • rebkatz says:

      I’m so glad that it actually works in practice and not just in my crazy head. And of course it’s always wonderful when a present is appreciated. Love ya!

  4. Excellent! If Bruce Wayne were a scarf man, he’d have something like this. His “utility scarf”.

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